Update on The Ungiven Apology

If you haven’t read this post, then you should.

Otherwise, you’ll be totally lost.

And trust me.

I spend like half of my life totally lost. It’s not fun.

So the craziest thing happened. The person who I was referring to in my last post apologized.

Well, they apologized in a round-about way.

Which was great because, well, who doesn’t love hearing an apology?

But then it wasn’t so great because how can I work on forgiving if I have no one to forgive?

That’s probably a first world problem.


Have you ever been to the Dollar Tree during the holidays?

If your answer is no, then you’re a genius.

If the answer is yes, then you’re an idiot.

But don’t worry, I too am an idiot.

So you’re not alone.

I was at the Dollar Tree along with every third person in the Thousand Oaks area. Of course, they only have two check stands open. And I’m in line with three of my kids who are hungry, and hot, and bored, and want this, and want that, and she looked at me, he touched me, and I have to pee, and ahhhhh! I should get a medal for not losing my mind. So after being in line for thirty minutes (yeah THREE, ZERO), another stand opens and the two ladies behind me beeline to that line, CUTTING in front of me.

Anyway, so I’m working on forgiving them.

And I’ve altered my recipe.

Blue Illustrations General Recipe Card-3


I’ll let you know how it works out.


Who knew property management could be so hilariously dangerous?


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