Favorite Things

Disclaimer: This is NOT an ad. I get zero, zero, ZERO  money from this post. These are sincerely my favorite things right now.


Amazon Essentials Women’s 2-Pack Short-Sleeve Crewneck Solid T-Shirt 

You know how Amazon sends emails saying “Hey, we know you better than you know yourself, and here’s what you need to buy.” Then you buy them because Amazon told you to.



So Amazon said I needed these shirts. What caught my attention were the high reviews and the price.

$16.99 for two shirts?

Yes, please!

Also, I was on a lot of pain pills when this purchased happened.

I am not, however, on any more meds. I can tell you this with absolute un-drugged confidence these are the BEST t-shirts I have ever owned. I wore them to a doctor’s and physical therapy appointment. Both the doc and PT asked me where I got my shirt. They’re soft and thick and fit like a glove and come in every color.





Universal Portable Remote Holders – Remote Rangler – Stop Losing Your Remotes!

I typically watch television in my room and, like most Americans, my TV has a bazillion remotes (OK, more like three). I spent way too much time looking for at least one of them. They’d hide in the sheets or under the bed or behind the couch. Frustrated and fed up, I did what most American’s do, I asked Alexa for help. She pointed me in the right direction and two days later (thank you Prime) the romote rangler was at my doorstep.

Game Changer!

ps: they have up to six remote control holder options.

remote wrangler


Trader Joe’s Danish Kringle

I have a love/hate relationship with these.

Love: because this buttery-layered pastry is the most mouth-watering treat I’ve ever had.

Hate: because there are roughly 3,000 calories in each bite.


Sofra Women’s Thin Cotton Zip-up Hoodie Jacket

In preparation for my mastectomy, I purchased several zip-up hoodies (dressing post-boob amputation is hard). This zip-up sweater is light. It’s cute. It’s well made. It’s cheap.

2-Pack for $25.

Single sweater for $12.95

All Prime!

zip up hoodie

Universal Yum Box 


We “travel” to a new country every month and discover the best snacks and candies they have to offer with this subscription box! Typically, I make a meal from the country and we read the educational booklet that comes with every box. Last month was Taiwan. We find the country on the map. Learn about their history, culture, and language.

How we do it: I read about each snack. Split it into seven portions and pass it around the table. Everyone gives a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Belgium has been our favorite country thus far because, obviously, chocolate.

yum box.jpg


Young Living Panaway Essential Oil  and Thieves Cleaner 


In the hospital, my back hurt more than my boobs. Those beds are so uncomfortable and the pain meds weren’t helping. My mom rubbed Panaway on my upper and lower back and I felt INSTANT relief. My back and hips still hurt from weeks of laying on an incline. This is the only thing that’s helped.




I grouped these together because they’re from the same company. Trust me, once you’ve been confronted with the big “C” your outlook on life changes. You become aware of the chemicals in EVERYTHING you use from your deodorant to household cleaners. I ditched the harmful crap I was rubbing all over my counters and switched to vinegar and water. Worked great. Smelled like…well, vinegar. Blah.

I received two samples of Thieves cleaner when I purchased my oils. I’m obsessed. Smells SO good and not made of carcinogens.



Velvet Eyeshadow Palette – Romantic


Going along with the “ditch the chemicals” theme,  I switched to BeautyCounter earlier this year. I’m obsessed with this eyeshadow pallet. OBSESSED! There are so many options and fun shimmery color to use for special occasions. Love love.

beauty counter.jpg


Yep, YOU! My favorite thing in the whole world is you. My friends. Those I have met, and those I’ve yet to meet in person. The amount of support I’ve received during this journey has left me speechless and humbled. The days leading up to surgery, my inbox filled with messages of support and love from readers and blog followers–people I’ve never met! When I came out of surgery flowers were waiting. Meals arrived almost daily. More flowers. Cards. Gifts. Balloons. Texts. Calls. Treats. See’s. Chocolate dipped fruit. Playdates for my kids. Visits from friends. Gift cards for blowouts from the DryBar (<<<—also a favorite thing). Marco Polo messages. I’m beyond blessed by my church community. Author community. Blogging community. Mommy community. Property Management community. My tribe of girlfriends. My in-laws. My family. And my PBM group. Love to you all!





I’m giving away ten ebook copies of my first book.

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adorable baby child cute



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