…For the girls to go!

If you don’t know who the “girls” are you can…whatever. Boobs. I’m talking about boobs. By the time you read this, I will be in a deep sleep, undergoing a prophylactic bilateral under the muscle direct to implant mastectomy (say that five times fast).

I have a few fears going into this surgery.

One) dying.

Two) pain and/or nausea. But mostly nausea.

Three) not being able to shave for weeks.

I mean, come one, I’m already getting my boobs chopped off, I don’t want to look like a hairy man too.

So while the first two fears require faith, the third requires wax.

If I shaved, I’d be a hairy man by midnight.

If I waxed, then I wouldn’t be a hairy man until…gee…I don’t know…Thursday?

Now, I could have called my local wax center and made an appointment. That would make sense. However, often times (fine, most of the time) I forget to engage my brain and I make silly decisions.

I mean, why hire someone else to give me a wax when I could do it myself?

Cleary, this was a good idea.

So I got to waxing. Legs. Pits. Face. Arms…it was all going pretty well until…well, until I got down there.

Holy crap, have you ever waxed your own lady bits?



So I’m going into surgery full of faith, a bit of anxiety, and half a bikini wax.

See you soon!


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My name is Erin Huss. I’m a thirty-something mom of five, wife of one, author, and blogger. I enjoy long walks through Target, romance novels, chick-lit, cozy mysteries, historical fiction, See’s Candy, musicals, and I’ll pretty much buy anything the TV tells me to. I’m originally from the beautiful Central Coast of California and now reside in Southern California with my family, which also includes one bird, two dogs, and a lot of fish. I’m a PREVIVOR. Represented by Ella Marie Shupe & Sharon Belcastro

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