I Love You Suck Much

Here is how I imagined this went down.

Emma, my 6 y/o got in trouble for what, I can’t even remember. She was sent to her room. While in there, she retrieved her markers and paper and began to write me a note–as she usually did when in trouble.

Emma is not a great speller. So, she calls out to her big brother, “Noah, how do you spell I love you “so”?

(Yes, I realize this is a sight word, this was written earlier in the summer).

Noah replies, “S-U-C-K.”

Emma, who has no reason to believe her big brother would lie to her (because she obviously hasn’t learned her lesson yet) writers S-U-C-K.

Emma,” Noah, how do you spell better?”

Noah, “B-U-T-T.”

Emma proceeded to go ahead and attempt the last word herself. What is says, your guess is as good as mine.

This note was hand delivered as soon as she was able to leave her room.


I will cherish this note forever.

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