People on the Internet NEVER Lie

Drove 40 minutes to pick up this super cute frame for my daughter’s room. Seller said it was a full. Said she measured it and it was a full. Confirmed twice. Yes, it’s a full!


On the way there, I had to stop and get cash. Drove by an Albertsons and thought, “I’ll buy a pack of gum and get cash back.” Easy.

Then I pass by the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and the sugar monster inside me starts screaming, “Buy it! Buy it!”

But I am strong!

Anyway, so now I have cash and a bag of cookies.

These are like cookie crack. The BEST chocolate chip cookies in a bag.

So I get to the neighborhood and drive around for 20 minutes because even when Siri is giving me directions I still manage to get lost.

Finally find the home. Back my husband’s giant truck in and look at the frame. It’s cute! Looks a little big BUT she said she measured it.

Get home an hour later…(got lost…a few more times). My daughter runs outside, sees the frame and proclaims, “This is my best life ever!”

Needless to say, she’s excited.

My husband takes one look and says, “That seems too big for a full.”

“It’s a full. She measured it. And strangers on Facebook are never wrong!” I say.

So we lug this sucker upstairs and…I break one of the panels. Ugh. But, hey, it’s not too bad. Easy fix. That’s what Gorilla Glue is for.


The entire time my husband is saying, “This looks too big for a full.” But I’m all like, “She said it was a full, man. Now where is your drill!”

We manage to get the frame put together and stay married.

Yay, us. We can pretty much handle anything now.

My daughter is jumping with joy and I excitedly slide the mattress on and…

It’s a queen. 


The above italics is the exact ad (word for word) that I posted online to get rid of the queen. Might as well be honest, right? The ad titled FREE QUEEN & A Cookie.

You’d think it’s easy to get rid of a bed FOR FREE and a cookie, right?

Well, twenty-four hours later I had 300 messages on Facebook.


None of which were anyone who actually wanted the bed.

Most were people who enjoyed the post and wanted to let me know (thanks!).

A few asked if I was single….um, cause the “husband” part wasn’t exactly clear…

And several offered me a FREE full bed frame.

I took one lovely lady up on her offer and now….

Emma is back to living her “best life ever!”

Because someone will ask…I bought the bedding at Target. Click picture for link. No, this is not affiliate. Just doing you a solid.


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